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Wordpress Error Saving Media Attachment 3.8

He had updated my php version to 5.4 and everything returned to normal! Reply ↓ Andy Galaxy Permalink to comment# November 24, 2014 Legend! Sign Up Now! empty( $_GET['detach'] ) && $detached = absint( $_GET['detach'] ) ) { if ( 1 == $detached ) { $message = __( 'Media file detached.' ); } else { /* translators: %s: http://techkumar.com/wordpress-error/wordpress-error-saving-media-attachment-3-5-1.html

The original file is actually uploaded successfully, but it is not crunched. This code needs to be added to the theme's functions.php, here: /wp-content/themes/[theme]/functions.php easy mix up. Attempted to upload on multiple computers Checked to make sure I have the most up to date version of Flash. I think the code display isn't allowing for the proper display of the