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unable to resolve the server's dns address. fix

unable to find certificate wireless network xp

unable to contact your dhcp server request has timed out

directsoundcapturecreate failed. hr=dserr_nodriver. no sound driver is available for use

connected to server but unable to authenticate your login name and password

kern_dir does not point to a directory

virtualbox unable to allocate and lock memory

avast unable to scan files

unable to start debugging visual studio 2013

unable to elevate error 1814 please try to run this installer with admin privileges

unable to elevate error please try to run this installer with admin privileges

unable to access the virtual machine configuration invalid datastore path

unable to perform the job because one or more of the selected objects are locked by another job

unable to apply drs resource settings on host vim.fault.invalid state

vmware unable to connect to the mks could not connect to pipe

error code 2147754776 (0x80042318)

warning: unable to update bcd on the destination machine's system volume.

vmware view the display protocol for this desktop is currently not available

vmware remote console unrecoverable error vmrc

vuze null could not be opened

unable to resolve the server's dns address google chrome

unable to initialize opengl window no man's sky

unable to open x display ubuntu

unable to activate windows xp

word was unable to open the data source excel

unable to create directory is its parent directory writable by the server wordpress

wow unable to validate game version fix

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