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iStockPhoto45‘s maintenance page informs its visitors about the estimated time when the site will be back. 46 Blogger47 uses a simple page that includes the time the site is expected to My favorite on the list, however, is the one by 37 Signals - I use them on a daily basis and still haven't stumbled across a 404, but at least they The rules to crafting helpful error messages are fairly straightforward. Server Not Found A “Server not found” error in Firefox or “Google Chrome could not find [website.com]” message indicates that your browser could not find the website you’re trying to access. http://techkumar.com/error-message/error-message-examples.html

Learn moreNever miss a story from Thomas FuchsBlockedUnblockFollowGet updatesThomas FuchsBlockedUnblockFollowFollowingChief Time Tracker at @letsfreckle, dabbles in cat whispering.Aug 30, 2015How to write a great error messageImagine being in an office. Unable to Connect The “Unable to connect” error in Firefox or “Google Chrome could not connect to [website.com]” message looks similar to the “Server not found” message above, but each means Input Label Input Label Sign up UXmas is a user experience digital advent calendar. Google chrome uses a generic error: " Google Chrome quit unexpectedly." - Ignore, Report or Reopen. http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/33766/10-clever-website-error-messages-from-creative-companies.aspx

Error Message Examples Text

With generic error message I mean a message for an error that has occured but there are no details on what the error is or how to recover from it. But if things become more serious—for instance, a user losing a significant amount of work—then saying “Oops!” is entirely inappropriate. The most recent features characters from the cartoon series in a scene that could've come straight out of one of their episodes. Please click here.

Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton's 404 page is just the ticketIn the name of balance we totally checked out Donald Trump's 404 page and it was thoroughly uninspiring, but at least inoffensive. That is the question we’ll answer in this article. This error page for Home Star Runner, which features amusing characters, downloads, and games, shouts "404'd" at you when you first arrive on the page. 404 Error Message Text Is the Set designed properly?

Keeping your tone light-hearted can help to keep the user on-side—especially if this suits the tone of your brand. Friendly Error Messages Examples I am not sure the second one is reassuring. ..too long too technical it speaks about data of the user brrrr i am afraid. ..and for the last one i think For example, a site like thinkgeek.com or sparkfun.com attracts a lot of... http://ux.stackexchange.com/questions/39101/what-is-the-recommended-wording-for-a-generic-error-message Whether you use Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer, your browser regularly downloads a list of dangerous websites.

I’m just not entirely sure about Windows 10 setup, but then again it seems that it is unsure of itself.As for the Twitter error, explain what’s wrong with an attachment when Error Message List Get down on your knees if you have to. But no matter how many resources you put into ensuring your website never, ever, ever goes down ... To ease their concerns, Movelineincludestheir contact information.

  1. But there's a great Easter egg in there: The microsite's 404 page is a nod toJustin Bieber's 2015 hit song "Sorry," making it bothtimely and hilarious. 3) Cloud Sigma Check it
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  3. Using Google Insights for Search (a great tool for estimating the “popularity” of search terms) we went through all of the different HTTP error codes that exist, comparing them against each
  4. It will be used exclusively as a fallback solution when it is not possible to determine the error either because the server did not sent any additional details or there is

Friendly Error Messages Examples

In your cubicle. Link Keeping a few articles from your site on a static page for maintenance downtime is one way to offer your visitors something to look at while you're performing maintenance. Error Message Examples Text FigmaMessing with vectors is so much fun when it's not actual workEven though we have a copy of Adobe Illustrator right here, and could play with anchor points and Bézier curves 500 Error Message Examples Phishing and Malware Warnings Your browser will also display phishing (or “web forgery”) and malware warnings.

I've read a few threads but none of them seems to be 100% relevant Recommendations for good resources on writing good error messages Standardized (web) application error messages? [closed] This is his comment is here The only instance I could think of needing one is during a heavy upload and you don't want users visiting the site with only partially updated files. Make them prominent. October 31, 2016 How the Friday DDoS attack affected Ping... 404 Error Page Template

Table of Contents Contents 1 Error Message Examples 1.1 Contributors 1.2 Introduction 1.3 Table of Contents 1.4 Examples 1.5 Open Questions 1.6 See Also Examples Note that many of these examples Does it explain clearly what went wrong? But at least they try most of the time, which is appreciated.And here are the usual suspects…Let’s review some real-world error messages and see if they’re making the cut or not.Oh, http://techkumar.com/error-message/website-error-message-examples.html It's actually kind of hard, as a user of these services, to generate a database connection error.

The last thing you want your maintenance page to do is further confuse people, or worse – offend them. 500 Error Page Notice that Google also reassures the users that earnings will continue to be tracked as normal, and ad targeting will not be affected during this downtime. This maintenance screen from You’ve worked long hours this week for an upcoming product introduction.

There are some relevant quotes from these studies and other articles and research papers in this answer on ux.stackexchange.

What does matter is how you deal with the situation. Share with us in the comments. Give your maintenance page the same look and feel as your regular site. Good Error Message Text As with many of the examples here, the page diverges from the overall site aesthetic to great effect.15.

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Get exclusive articles before everybody else. Something went wrong! Blue Fountain MediaWanna play doubles, mate?It's hard to get over the inevitable disappointment of coming up against a 404 page, but Blue Fountain Media has something that might just cheer you http://techkumar.com/error-message/error-message-text.html Grooveshark39 keeps their header and basic color scheme in tact. 40 StumbleUpon41 also keeps their header and logo in tact, and even the colors used in the illustration echo their brand

IconFinder'serror page is simple, but delightful. Websites are placed on these lists because they contain malware or because they attempt to impersonate a real website to steal your passwords, credit card numbers, or other sensitive information. Our goal was to stay true to HubSpot's brand voice by being as lovable, empathetic, and helpful as possible. Visit our corporate site.

Head on over!DesignUXDevelopment1.3K25BlockedUnblockFollowFollowingThomas FuchsChief Time Tracker at @letsfreckle, dabbles in cat whispering. Apple has been at the forefront of user interface design for many years, and while they’ve been slacking off recently (perhaps no one throws cameras at the designers anymore), they do About the author Ben Rowe Ben Rowe is a UX Designer and Strategist based in Melbourne.He is passionate about creating the emotional, delightful side of an experience, and theintersection between UX Tin SanityThis dancing cup and straw screams its way across the page around the textTin Sanity features an incredible animation, involving a dancing cup and straw, that screams its way across

Prevention, of course, is better than cure. Apologize for the downtime, give them information that's useful to them, and make them feel like you realize what this means to them. GitHub plays on this famous line in their 404 error message. 17) Grant Burke Freelance graphic designer Grant Burke shows off his design skills even on his 404 page. The ideal candidate is some...

Introducing the 4 H’s So how do we write, or rewrite, our error messages to keep our users on track? Nest vs. Let visitors know when your site will be back. You don't want users coming to a 404 or other error page.

No problem, you think, your trusty Mac laptop has software installed that allows you to run Windows.You fire up the software, and when Windows politely asks you to update with several